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Rajashree Ghosh

Rajashree is as much a policy maker as she is a fieldworker, an academic and an experiential professional, a globalist yet an advocate for the local. She strives to unpack the curricula and appreciates deep, real-life meaningful experiences that spark conversations. Themes such as communities, sustainability, international development, immigration, inequity, deprivation and social justice remain compelling aspects of her work.


"Rajashree’s own work with the slum women of India offers great lessons to the students of the meaning and value of empowering women in new ways. I’m deeply grateful for what she has been able to offer to the students...” - Laura Goldin, Prof., Brandeis University

Recent Publications

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From Poverty to Power;

Oxfam Blogs,

May 14, 2019

Smart one! A rant on women and hyper digital urban living

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From Urban Resilience Hub, UNHABITAT

Smart cities: Why one size does not fit all

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Photo credit: Rajashree Ghosh

From InterAction: Read

Reckoning social development as a Discipline

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