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Ghosh, R. (2018) Lesson guide on film "Yindabad" by Global Environment Justice Documentaries based on Narmada Bachao Andolan (Save the Narmada River movement)                                                                                          Read

Ghosh, Bhardwaj, Cherlet and Baldinelli. (2016) "Community led restoration of forest resources improves community cohesion and livelihood" Internalional Land Coalition.                                                                                             Read

Ghosh, R. and Kotnala, S. Calling for a Gender approach to “smart” and “resilient” cities, Urban Resilience Hub, UN-Habitat, March 14, 2018                             Read

Ghosh, Bhardwaj and Kotnala (2015). "Embedding gender resource gap differential in planning to address issues of access, ownership, safety and equality for the urban poor" State of the Urban Poor, OUP                  Read

- Chimananda Ngozi Adichie - We Should all be Feminists

The problem with gender is that it prescribes how we should be rather than recognizing how we are. Imagine how much happier we would be, how much freer to be our true individual selves, if we didn’t have the weight of gender expectations.”


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